Tango Art for Milonga OUMA Opening

by Tango

Check out unique door prizes for Grand Opening of Milonga OUMA (Sunday, Oct.18). It is a signed 8-piece Series of Tango Art by Misha Lenn, an accomplished artist who incorporated Argentine Tango into his work. Eight of our guests will be proud owners of one of these wonderful pieces.

Tango Art for Opening Milonga OUMA

Misha Lenn believes the Argentine Tango dancing is a wonderful form of improvisational art very similar to jazz. His longtime interest in Argentine Tango advanced after he met with and took several dance lessons from the famous Argentinean tanguero Pablo Veron in 2004. Since then Misha Lenn completed two magnificent series of watercolor paintings dedicated to his love for this passionate and elegant dance. Misha finds Argentine Tango an endless source of inspiration, and we anxiously await more of Misha’s dancing colors.

Misha Lenn creates a unique art of “moving illusions” through his decorative style of watercolors. His mission is to celebrate sophistication-emotionally, physically, and intellectually. His art is a boundless emotional energy captured in the movement. It enlightens awareness of everyday realities of life and elevates life enjoyment. It challenges people’s perception of the world around them inviting them to celebrate its fragile yet eternal splendor.

More on Misha Lenn, his art, and his Tango Series.

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