Interesting dance – Argentine Tango. And not just because of wonderful music, fancy moves, or a healthy addiction it can create. Turns out that taking Tango lessons helps with other physical activities. I knew some of them, my students shared with me about others. What I knew first hand was how learning Argentine Tango improves […]


Cherie Magnus just wrote another great article on her blog: this one will help North American visitors learn the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in life between Argentina and the US or Canada. You might ask, who is Cherie and why should we listen to her? About six months ago I became a “Facebook […]

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2011 is here. Resolutions are everywhere, I hear. While normally I do not make any New Year’s resolutions, this year I’ll make an exception. I will do my utmost best to be more active with the website, blog, videos, and email. To start, I’d like to post a video of a dance. It is not […]


If at first you wonder what  Tango lessons have to do with this post – read to the end. Then click on the link below to watch the video. It is excellent (and funny too). While checking out my Facebook feed today I decided to click on a video from shared by Daniela, a […]


It is almost the middle of September already. Summer is just about gone. But Tango never goes away :) Tomorrow, Monday, September 13 we start another yet Beginner Course. I look forward to a new group of people who are interested in learning more about this dance. I just sent out a reminder email and […]