Time flies, the summer is almost over, and we are just two weeks away from another Beginner Tango Course at OUMA. Got a couple of emails lately asking what this course is all about, so I decided to do a brief description of it class by class. The first four classes can be found here. […]


I came across a Parade magazine today and found a short piece there about Robert Duvall. In it he talks a bit about Argentine Tango, while promoting his new movie Get Low. Quite an astute comment about the walk (see below). Everybody knows Robert Duvall, an Oscar winner, many times Oscar nominee, whose movies include […]


Most people love quotes They use them in speeches, private conversations, and in writing. Quite often we see quotes used in e-mail signature lines. And we almost always read them. I think the power of quotes is that in just a few words (of some famous “others”) we can convey something important or even profound […]


While the following information is entirely optional, be aware that an action might be undertaken by you after reading it: If you still think that hanging out past 9p on a weekday is a violation of your curfew – put glasses on and check your drivers license. If you really love that warm and (slightly) […]


To paraphrase the Men’s Warehouse commercial – once every two months and Only once every two months Tango Bohemia starts a Beginner Tango Course in the Museum of Art… :) Here is the email I sent out to my list. Please read, but more importantly, ACT: (do keep in mind our classes normally are on […]

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