You Too Can Learn How To Dance!

by Tango

Just like Anita Baker, sometimes I wonder why:
Why so many people Want to be able to dance, Want to learn how to dance, yet so few ever take dance classes long enough to develop the skill. Are you one of those?

Better yet (or, should I say, worse?) – some come to dance studios with great intentions and enthusiastically enroll in classes. Often right after the New Year (must be NY resolutions?). Yet, a few weeks later the enthusiasm fades, some classes are skipped, and then the whole thing come to a screeching halt. Which marks the end of one’s dance journey. Sad face it is… :(

Third Time’s the Charm? Not always!

In all fairness, some folks make a second attempt, usually a year or so later. Others even go for a third, or fourth! And then they stop again and never return to the dance floor. Why is that? No one obligates them to become competitive dancers, which definitely requires a lot of hard work, dedication, certain ability, and quite bit of money as well. They can simply learn how to dance socially and enjoy dance parties on weekends, make new friends, have more fun in life. Since dancing is also an athletic activity – you could definitely get in better shape, might lose some weight (if you want or need to). It can be a replacement of going to LA Fitness, just a lot more fun!

Learn to DanceHave you ever found yourself in that position? When you want to learn to dance, even start taking group classes or private lessons, and then stop? Why does this happen? Is it because we live now in the day and age of instant gratification, when our attention span is getting shorter and shorter?

Yes, Basics Take Time

It sure takes some time to get the basics, get the steps, get the feel for music. It does takes some time to build our confidence to step out on the dance floor with other dancers, who might be more experienced that we are. So what? Every dancer was on the “beginner shoes” at some point! Those who persisted, can dance, those who quit, cannot.

If you find this post relates to you, or you haven’t taken yet any classes but been thinking of doing it for some time, what were (or is) your excuses for quitting or waiting? Share with me in the comments below, be open, let’s talk about it.

There Is a Better Way

Then take a few minutes and read about a natural way of dancing and the unique teaching method I developed. It enables us to become social dancers in a very, Very short time. But be careful, if you decide to learn with me, it might make all you “excuses” for not dancing obsolete :)

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