Chances Are… You Like Quotes!

by Tango

Most people love quotes

They use them in speeches, private conversations, and in writing. Quite often we see quotes used in e-mail signature lines. And we almost always read them. I think the power of quotes is that in just a few words (of some famous “others”) we can convey something important or even profound which we believe in. Something that resonates with and motivates a person, a certain message we want to share with the world.

While  there is no fancy quote in my email signature, it does not mean I pay no attention to great expressions. I have a number of favorites, and I use different ones depending on circumstances. In this post I’ll focus on quotations related to dance and movement. When starting a school of Tango Atlanta, the first thing after coming up with a name was to find a line that would convey my thoughts and beliefs about dancing.

While I came across a lot of wonderful dance quotes, one really stood out. It was the shortest one, just 2 sentences with 2 words each, yet it had a meaning for me that could be discussed for hours. It is on the header of this website, it is on my Tango card, it is on flyers for Tango lessons and Milongas, it is my motto:

Tango Bohemia favorite dance quote

Here I used a bit of an artistic freedom and cut the last sentence of the full quote out: “It’s the natural order.” I hope Mr. Beckett forgives me for that :-). The full quote, of course, is: “Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.”

Argentine Tango is a Natural Dance

I think the main reason I chose it as the tag-line for Tango Bohemia was that it very well expressed my views on dancing. I see a dance – any dance, and especially Argentine Tango – as a natural movement to music. All my years in the Ballroom world I felt somewhat unnatural that we always had to follow pre-defined steps. The sequences are spelled out in syllabi, approved by some governing body, and required to be followed.

While they certainly work, as numerous ballroom studios, dance parties, and dance competitions show, I also knew that it did not start out like that. It was the people, not agencies or associations that originally created various dances, the dances that were free-form, the dances that followed the music, flowed with music, allowed people to enjoy them in a relaxed way. “Illegal” steps did not exist (anyone saw “Strictly Ballroom”?), for as long as they worked for both partners…

In our already structured enough society the last thing we need is a structured dance. It feels great  to dance in a natural, improvisational way. The only thing we need to make sure is we do it to and with the music. Sound and music were there first. Then there was a dance. And then we can think…

Check out a new page with a selection of dance quotes. Have your favorite? Put it in comments. I could add your quote to the page, with attribution, if desired.

If you never “Tangoed” in your life – despair not :) – another Beginner Course starts on Monday, July 12. Just 8 short and fun weeks of Tango Lessons and you can dance and, possibly, make up your own dance quote.

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