Tango in Atlanta Gets a New Milonga!

by Tango

Tango dancers in Atlanta have a pretty good number of milongas (Tango dance parties – for those of you who are still on the fence: to take Tango classes or not to take) every month. Of course, Tango dancers would say: who’s counting, let’s have more!

Here it is: A new milonga in Atlanta, Milonga OUMA invites you every 3rd Sunday of the month, 7-10:30p. The venue is quite special – it is a Museum of Art!

Yes, we are going to have a new milonga every 3rd Sunday of the month. It is called Milonga OUMA – a bit of a strange name, until we learn that OUMA stands for Oglethorpe University Museum of Art. After that it quickly starts to sound nice and, after we visit the space where it is held, even perfect. This Museum is a wonderful place, very classy, inviting, even cozy. It has two galleries, the Skylight Gallery and the South Gallery. They are both beautiful, just the South Gallery has columns in the middle, so we chose to host Milonga OUMA in the Skylight Gallery. In the same place where our Monday Tango classes take place. Here is what it looks like (without dancers):


Here is a sneak peak at the South Gallery:


When you come to Milonga OUMA or to out classes you get an additional benefit (at no charge) – you get to enjoy carefully selected Art exhibits. The administration of the Museum changes them several times a year and does it in great taste.

This Sunday, October 18th, Milonga OUMA is special – it is a Grand Opening, with live music by our resident bandoneonistsa Maestro Osvaldo Barrios. Here I included a bit about him. (For more please go to the Milongas page on this website.)

Osvaldo Barrios was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since the age of 12, has completely dedicated himself to his musical instrument, the BandoneĆ³n. He began his illustrious career performing with well-known tango orchestras in his native Buenos Aires, including the orchestras of Miguel Calo, Mariano Mores, Jorge Caldara and Mario DeMarco. Throughout his career in both Buenos Aires and The United States, Osvaldo Barrios accompanied legendary tango singers such as Libertad Lamarque, Roberto Goyeneche, Ruben Juarez, Guillermo Fernandez, Alberto Podesta, Amelita Baltar, Raul Lavie, Horacio Deval and many others.

Come and enjoy the music, the company, light refreshments and wine, enjoy the dance!

Ilya / Tango in Atlanta

P. S. Oh yes, we also will have a number of unique door prizes at the Grand Opening…

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