Tango in Atlanta: Milonga OUMA Opens

by Ilya

It was great to see many Tango dancers from Atlanta as well as Augusta who came to the Grand Opening of Milonga OUMA. Everyone knows a milonga  is pass4sure 920-548 only as good as the folks that come and dance at it.

Seemed like good time was had by all. Hope this support and camaraderie among tangueros continues in the future on every 3rd Sunday of the month. The space is superb. The art of Argentine Tango dance and music is a complete match to the feel and ambiance  of the Museum of Art. I am very happy to host a milonga at such a great space. If you could not make it last Sunday Рdo come and check it out next time!

Wish there was more time to take pictures. I saw other taking photos as well. Maybe they will share them or post somewhere. Ashley was using a professional looking camera to take Tango photos for her school project (yes, sometimes folks work/study even while attending a milonga!). Look forward to her posting them on Facebook…

Here are a few photos that Katya and Jessie managed to take while I pass4sure MB6-502 was doing who knows what :)

Tango in Atlanta - Milonga OUMA 1

Tango in Atlanta - Milonga OUMA 2

Tango in Atlanta - Milonga OUMA 3

Tango in Atlanta - Milonga OUMA 4

Tango in Atlanta - Milonga OUMA 5

In the next post you will find a couple of videos of dancing when Osvaldo was playing…

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Ilya / Tango Bohemia

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