Not Your Average Tango Classes

by Tango

Many years ago an older (and wiser) friend of mine said, “there is nothing good but the best”. Not sure at this point what exactly he referred to, but I am positive this expression can (and should) be applied to many areas in our lives. Even the ones which are entertaining in addition to being educational – like Tango classes.

So once I came across this quick, fast, fun, and smart talk by Shawn Achor (on, I just had to make this short post. Its basic premise can be best described by this quote:

“If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.” (Shawn Achor)

Which made me think of Argentine Tango classes I teach at OUMA (now with Rosa Steen) – every effort is made to make them Not average (or boring). While not everyone may appreciate or even like this effort – after all these are just dance classes – those that do will find that the outcome is well worth their time (and a bit of money) invested.

Please click on the image below to give it a good listen, then do it again once or twice, as Shawn talks fast, and some nuances might escape us the first time. Then join our 8-week Beginner (Level 1) Tango class in Atlanta.
You just might find your happiness there…

Shawn Achor talks about being happy on TED

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