Taking Tango Lessons Helps Other Activities

by Tango

Interesting dance – Argentine Tango. And not just because of wonderful music, fancy moves, or a healthy addiction it can create. Turns out that taking Tango lessons helps with other physical activities.

I knew some of them, my students shared with me about others. What I knew first hand was how learning Argentine Tango improves other dances I have done in the past – Ballroom, Latin, Salsa. Since Tango first and foremost is about musicality and good technique, it really improves our movement, walk, leading and following. After I switched to Tango, I advised to my ballroom friends to take at least some lessons so they could see it for themselves.

Later, after I started to teach Tango in Atlanta, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from one of the ladies how taking Tango with me improved her Lindy Hop and related dances. I have done Lindy Hop just a little in the past, so I couldn’t know. I trust her opinion as she is an accomplished Lindy Hop dancer as well as occasional teacher.

Another comment was not related to dance at all, when a male student commented on how taking Tango lessons was improving his golf game. Again, not being a golfer I had no idea it could do that. Since than I trained several athletes to dance (a minor league baseball player and a basketball player among them) and our conversations confirmed previous facts.

So, the verdict is: Taking Tango Lessons Helps With Other Physical Activities, Whichever They Are. For as long as we pay attention to proper technique :)

No wonder Samuel Beckett said: Dance First. Think Later. It’s the Natural Order.


(see our post on how Tango classes help with creativity)

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