Open Invitation to Tango Lessons

by Tango

To paraphrase the Men’s Warehouse commercial – once every two months and Only once every two months Tango Bohemia starts a Beginner Tango Course in the Museum of Art… :)

Here is the email I sent out to my list. Please read, but more importantly, ACT: (do keep in mind our classes normally are on Mondays, except in March)


Folks, here is what you’d want to do this Tuesday, March 16:

  1. Drive to an Ivy League-like Oglethorpe University campus around 7p
  2. Park behind the Library building, go in, an elevator to the 3rd floor
  3. Turn left and walk into the Skylight Gallery of the Museum of Art
  4. Sign in to the list of new Tango students and have a great time!

You’ll get to experience:

  1. A company of nice folks who are learning Tango
  2. Great music, light exercises, lots of fun
  3. A quality professional Argentine Tango instruction
  4. A Henry Matisse exhibit every week (included in price!)
  5. Spend a little and get a lot in return ($10 for 2.5 hours).
  6. The perfect space for Tango or just hang out!

So join in and find out what’s so addictive about this dance

(you do Not want to be like … read P.P.S. later)


Tango Bohemia School of Dance invites you to Tango in Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA):

8-week Beginner Course starts Tuesday, Mar 16, 7-8:15p

(in April classes will go back to our usual Mondays)

  • Partner not required, yet great if you could help with gender balance
  • We rotate partners in a class, unless you prefer to stay with your own

8-week Course costs $80 reg. / $64 students w/ID
(Cash or check in class or cc/paypal online)

Intermediate class follows: 8:15-9:30p, beginners stay & practice!

Click on Tango Lessons for more info.

For any questions email or call Ilya at 404.754.8272

Ilya | Tango Bohemia
Tango in Atlanta

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P.P.S. Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. ~Henry David Thoreau

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