Tango Lessons – 7 Day Countdown Starts Now

by Tango

While the following information is entirely optional, be aware that an action might be undertaken by you after reading it:

  • If you still think that hanging out past 9p on a weekday is a violation of your curfew – put glasses on and check your drivers license.
  • If you really love that warm and (slightly) sagging cushion on your couch – do not read further, keep warming up that poor cushion.
  • If you are surrounded by a lot of friends and have a perfect social life – you might read further, if you choose to.
  • If you do not like anyone who suggests that a mild and fun exercise is good for you – delete this and reboot your computer now.
  • If you can’t invest in yourself $80 ($64 for f/t students) for two months of fun, but do not skip Starbucks – well, don’t get me started…

Now, after reading all that, if you believe I need to get a life and stop writing these posts every two months or so, then see me on Monday, May 10, before 7p and join others in “getting a life” :)


The important stuff:

Tango Lessons in Atlanta

Argentine Tango at Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA):

New 8-week Beginner Course starts Monday, May 10, 7-8:15p

– Partner not required, yet it could help with gender balance
– We rotate partners in a class, or you can stay with your own

8-week Course costs $80 reg. / $64 st. w/ID
(Cash or check in class or cc/paypal online)

Intermediate class follows: 8:15-9:30p. Beginners – stay & practice!

Click on Tango Lessons for more info.

For questions email or call Ilya: 404.754.8272

BTW, have you ever been to the this Museum? It’s well worth a trip!

*** Do not skip P.S.***

Ilya / Tango Bohemia
Ph: 404.754.8272
Tango Atlanta

P.S. Still in doubt? Just sign up for the course on the right sidebar of a page when you click this link: Ah, let’s do it!

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