Argentine Tango

tango-argentina-old-1Argentine Tango is a musical style and a social partner dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, around the 1880s. The music is a fusion of European and South American music and African rhythms.

Tango is an improvisational and natural dance. It can be enjoyed in a simple way – just by walking and turning to the music, or using more sophisticated elements. Step sequences are fluid; they depend on the music, on the melody, on how we hear and interpret it. Any steps are correct as long as they work for both – leader and follower, and are done in tune with the rhythm of music.

There is variety of tango styles. One of them, Apilado or social Argentine Tango (in Atlanta taught by Ilya/Tango Bohemia), is danced at parties in a close embrace. It consists of many subtleties and nuances which add to the richness of the dance. It is a classic style danced in the salons of central Buenos Aires.


To start your experience, there is no need for special training or prior dancing history. You don’t need a permanent partner, and anybody can join the wonderful world of Argentine Tango. For many, it quickly becomes so much more than a dance – a lifestyle which is shared by a great many dancers worldwide…

Our dancing classes provide a fun and friendly environment where people have good time while dancing and relaxing to music. Meet new friends, get physical and emotional exercise, relieve stress of daily life, and share a magnificent art of Argentine Tango.

There is so much written about tango that I see no need to repeat it here. Rather I’d suggest to you to explore this constantly growing worldwide phenomenon on your own. Using the resources on our Resources page is a good start. Just don’t forget to save some time for learning and dancing…


Join our Atlanta Tango community and explore a wonderful world of dance. There are many opportunities for dancing Tango in Atlanta. Tango dance parties, called milongas, are held in various parts of the metro area – Decatur, Midtown, Buckhead, Sandy Springs – in dance studios, art centers, college halls, restaurants, private homes. Annual Atlanta Tango Festival attracts hundreds of tango dancers from around the country (and some from abroad) to enjoy Southern hospitality and several days of tango workshops and social dancing. When you are ready to experience Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, we have the information here for you as well.

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