Wedding Dance Lessons in Atlanta

When taking their Wedding Dance Lessons in Atlanta, brides and grooms are usually offered memorization of rigid, 100% choreographed steps of a certain dance (be it Cha Cha, Rumba, Fox Trot, or other), with their song playing only occasionally. This is not the way to learn an elegant and confident First Dance for your reception.

Chances are your fledgling choreography will fall apart during the actual dance, as few (if any) wedding couples have a lot of time or budget to dedicate to Memorizing their First Dance at a near professional level. And it makes sense – they are Not planning to become professional ballroom dancers.

On the other hand, every couple who took my lessons was well prepared for the occasion.

They even got more than expected (call 404.754.8272 for details).

To see their testimonials click on this image or the link below.

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My cozy private dance studio is conveniently located to Atlanta, Marietta, GA; Roswell, GA; Alpharetta, GA; or Kennesaw, Smyrna, Vinings, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Norcross, and other parts of Metro area. It is easy to get to from I-75, I-285, or GA 400.

Don’t waste your time and money on “standard” First Dance lessons in dance studios! I’ve witnessed plenty of them… Discover what can be possible in just a few short hours here. Schedule your first lesson now: 404-754-8272 or ilya (at) tangobohemia (dot) com


Your Wedding Dance Options – Complete Solutions for every taste and budget:

  1. Bronze Level Dance (also known as ‘The Last Minute Option’) – 1 visit (yes, just 1 trip), 2 hours, $150
  2. Silver Level Dance – 2 visits, 2 hours each (4 hours total), $275, includes a song edit (see below)
  3. Gold Level Dance – 3 visits, 2 hours each (6 hours total), $350, includes a song edit, (see below)

Song editing is also available, if needed (often times songs need to be tweaked a bit by cutting them to the right length, as well as changing the beat/tempo to make them more suitable for dancing – vs. listening). A $40 fee for a stand-alone service (a part of Silver and Gold packages).
Ask about it when you call: 404-754-8272 or send an email to:  ilya (at) tangobohemia (dot) com

P.S. As you noticed, there is no need for you to be charged “by the hour” and not knowing how many hours / visits you’d need to budget for. Here you get a complete package regardless of the option you choose. Plus, if you like what you get here during your first session, you can always opt-in to upgrade to the next level of your dance. While not at all required, quite a few wedding couples decide to do just that, because they are impressed by what they can accomplish in such a Short Time.


Gift Certificates for Wedding Dance Lessons are available as well.

A Better Way to Learn Wedding Dance

1. First, dance lessons are taught out of a private studio space in a nice, quiet residential area in East Cobb. I stopped teaching wedding couples in public dance studios over 7 years ago. Sure, for regular ballroom lessons it would be just fine. However, there is a special requirement for a Wedding Dance – you have to get intimately familiar with the music/song you chose. In any dance studio your song can’t be more than a few times during your lesson, as you have to share your music time with other dancers. This is confusing and frustrating for Your learning. (Not to mention distractions coming from other dancers on the same floor.)

2. Secondly, your scheduling flexibility is nearly unlimited, provided there are no bookings by other couples for the times and days requested. I am available weekdays and weekends, some holidays, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. We could start at 8am or 8pm, if you have to. If something happens and you have to change your appointment, I do not recall an instance when I couldn’t accommodate the rescheduling.

In fact, as I was writing this I got a call from one of my couples who were on their way for the 6pm lesson, but got stuck in traffic in a thunderstorm. They decided to re-schedule the lesson after “fighting” traffic for over 30 minutes, so they’d be in a better state of mind. That was no problem, we found a new suitable time and day right then.

3. A song editing service is available (studios do not offer that): quite often you have selected a special song with a sentimental value attached and would love to dance to it. Sometimes it works right “out of the box”, but often a certain “tweaking” has to be done to it to make sure it is better suitable for dancing (as opposed to just listening). I will analyze the song, offer advice on what may need to be done to the song, and then implement it using special software.

4. What type of a dance will we be learning? Let me explain my view on this. Please do not be confused by the website title – you do Not need to learn Argentine Tango (unless this is what you request). The important point here is that you dance to your song, not a specific dance. Therefore we do not have to attach the song to a specific dance. We will tailor the dance to your song. Quite the opposite from what ballroom instructors offer at studios.

This unique, effective, and fun approach will enable you to create a natural dance to your song without feeling “boxed in” into a specific dance type. As an added benefit, by the end of our training you will discover how to dance to different songs without spending precious time and effort on learning it. And if you are not quite sure yet what to make out of it, it is fine. All you need is to contact me and start your lessons. Wonderful things will happen… :)

(Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son dance lessons available as well)

Call 404-754-8272, email, ask questions and schedule your first dance lesson.

(check out how Chilli (of TLC fame) took a dance lesson with me on VH1)

Your Wedding Dance Options – Complete Solutions for every taste and budget:

  1. Bronze Level Dance (also known as ‘The Last Minute Option’) – 1 visit (yes, just One trip here), 2 hours
  2. Silver Level Dance – 2 visits, 2 hours each (4 hours total)
  3. Gold Level Dance – 3 visits, 2 hours each (6 hours total)

Song editing is also available, if needed (often times songs need to be tweaked a bit by cutting them to the right length, as well as changing the beat/tempo to make them more suitable for dancing – vs. listening). Normally there is a $20-$40 fee, however sometimes it can be a part of your package. Ask about it when you call: 404-754-8272 or email ilya (at) tangobohemia (dot) com

You don’t have to put much strain on the budget for you to have an exciting experience. And you will learn more than just the first dance, you’ll learn a secret to dancing TOGETHER. You’ll get to know each other better, it will make you happy on a dance floor at your reception, and as an added bonus, at any party or event from now on.

We will pay careful attention to your chosen music, edit it if needed to the right time, speed, and volume, and use just the right dance elements / steps to fit it. In the end we add an elegant beginning and a meaningful closing to make sure you look good for photo and video opportunities.

How does it sound to have:

No stress while learning your First Dance
No boring memorization of steps for one occasion
No looking awkward on the dance floor :)

Imagine: the feeling of moving to music and with music, the feeling of a connection to your partner, the desire to continue dancing even after the song is over… It can happen when you learn your first dance with me.

Studio location: East Cobb, near The Merchant Walk area. Easy to get to from I-285, I-75, and GA400

Convenient to Midtown, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Smyrna, Acworth, Kennesaw, Tucker, Norcross, Doraville, Chamblee,  and other towns in Metro Atlanta Area. (see studio photo below)

See some of our first dance lessons testimonials. More to be posted soon.

Call 404-754-8272 or email and lets start!

wedding dance by michelle and tom

Wedding Dance Lessons – The Approach

The secret to success is in applying certain principles of partner dancing to your learning – how to lead, how to follow, how to stay with the music, how to connect with each other – and come up with a relaxing and enjoyable dance. More importantly, my method will allow you to improvise during your dance at any time and any place. You can choose any song you like, for as long as it has a clear danceable beat. There is no need for memorization of complex choreography.

Your First Dance will be elegant, relaxed, and memorable. It’s memory will last a lifetime because everything you learn with me about dancing will stay with you, and can be put to good use at any Reunion, Party, Dance Club, or Social Event.

Important side benefits of our training are (among others):

  • learning to connect better with your partner Off the dance floor as well.
  • learning the true meaning of leading & following (they’re equally important)

Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance

The father of a bride and the mother of the groom should be ready for a dance with a daughter or a son at the wedding.  Our lessons can help you prepare for this exciting moment. With the Wedding Dance Lessons package the cost is $60 an hour with no minimum. We use the same method for a Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son dance as for the Bride and Groom. Often an hour is all you would need.


I hope that even after your wedding and a successful First Dance you decide to continue this wonderful activity – dancing. You will get to enjoy great music, light exercise, acquire new friends, and a wonderful pastime.

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