First Dance Lessons Testimonials

Recently I worked with one lovely couple, Tracey and Stuart. Stuart’s right arm must have hurt when they came to me the first time, since Tracey “twisted it” a bit to get him to start their Wedding Dance Lessons Atlanta. She realized that when so many eyes are on you at a reception, you better know what you are doing.

I enjoyed working with them, as I do with almost all of my students (occasionally I get one who is not interested in learning, so it kind of rubs off of you…). At the end of our training they were pleased (and surprised) with the results, and Tracey asked if I wanted a testimonial. I said, sure :). Here is Tracey’s story:

Wedding Dance Lessons in Atlanta

My fiancé, Stuart, and I had danced maybe 3 times in our relationship, and it was more of a swaying hug than a dance! So when I realized that we’d have over 100 people watching us do our first dance at our wedding, I started to think that dance lessons were worth looking into.

We did some internet research about wedding dance lessons in Atlanta and quite a few companies offered this service. However, Ilya at Tango Bohemia was the most informative person that responded to our inquiries and the most flexible with when we could meet, so we went with him. The training was challenging, but to our surprise, it was quite enjoyable. We learned how to dance, and not a set “routine”, which was nice, as we can use our skills with any song we dance to in the future.

Ilya is a wonderful teacher and very patient. We thought we’d never make it through, but by the end of the last lesson we actually felt very comfortable dancing with each other. The price was well worth the time Ilya spent with us and the skills we acquired. We were even faced with a DJ that decided to start our song while we were talking to our guests – so after running to the dance floor, Ilya’s training helped us to be able to get in to the rhythm of the song and start our dance a quarter of the way through our song!

Stuart and I plan to take more dance lessons when life has slowed down a little bit…hopefully the beginning of next year. I would highly recommend his services!

Tracey’s (then) fiancé, Stuart, had his take on the experience. It took Stuart an hour or two to understand that a partner dance is in fact a masculine and athletic activity. Presented properly, it makes sense to everyone, including those who resisted in the beginning. Below is a comment from Stuart:

I never thought I would enjoy dancing. When my bride to be, Tracey, notified me that she would like us to take dancing lessons before our big day, I was a little hesitant and quite skeptical. We picked Ilya after some research of places on the internet. As soon as we walked in the door, Ilya greeted us in a very laid back and professional manner.

Ilya made dancing easy, fun and comfortable. He also taught us a very beautiful dance which we enjoyed on our wedding day. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to dance at whatever level to contact Ilya. He was so good I am even thinking of going back (voluntarily) and trying Argentine Tango.


Here is another comment from Colleen and Travis. They have taken a number of group classes from me before doing the wedding dance training:

Colleen and Travis chose Argentine TangoWe signed up to take Tango wedding dance lessons with Ilya almost immediately after we got engaged. We had taken some group lessons from Ilya before, but wanted something special for our wedding. Ilya made us feel comfortable and almost right away had us doing a basic version of a wedding dance while helping us pick the perfect song.

His approach to the dance is especially helpful. Rather than choreographing and memorizing every step, we learned how to have a fun, interesting dance that didn’t require either of us to be tango experts. We were very comfortable going into our actual dance, knowing that we would look great, and also how to recover should we mess up! But we didn’t; and our dance was great :)

Thanks Ilya!

So get in touch: 404-754-8272. I look forward to helping you make your First Dance smooth and confident. Also check out our First Dance Songs page.

I enjoyed teaching Tracey and Stuart, Colleen and Travis, and great many other couples to dance. Check out more testimonials here.

(written by Ilya Bohemia)