What To Do On a Monday Night

What to do on a Monday Night in Atlanta

Quite a few folks are wondering the same thing every week:
What to do on a Monday night in Atlanta? (shortcut to Tango Lessons)

The weekend is just about over and those dreaded Monday morning blues are fast approaching. While some claim there is a scientific explanation for this mood change, it certainly doesn’t help. We do not care for an “explanation”, we want the solution.

One way to make us feel better on Mondays would be to sleep in. Even an hour or so could be a great help. However, very few can afford it without consequences. Most of us have to either at work or in school.

You also could take a nice walk in the sun on a Monday morning. What are the chances of it? Slim to none. Reasons? See above. Fine, what else?

Have a nice meditation session and tell yourself that Mondays are you most favorite days ever. Hold it now! If you are thinking I am out of my mind…well, I did not really mean that =). Sure, meditation is good. But on a Monday morning?? You probably can count folks who actually do it on one hand or so.

Yet, once we get tired of dreaming about a miraculous fix, once we realize that heading out to a bar or club on Monday nights might not be a good idea, as the memories of a Friday before are still fresh, once we decide to free ourselves from being slaves to a TV set, however flat its screen is, once we choose to skip a dinner out when the week is just starting, as it won’t get us anywhere, maybe even in the door at some point…

…we should not despair, for there is a solution to our problem! There is an activity on a Monday night in Atlanta that satisfies many wants and needs you might have: a need for an exercise, a want for a great music, a want for socializing, meeting new folks, and need for learning a useful and enjoyable skill, that will last a lifetime. Click on Tango Atlanta and discover it. You will discover Yourself.