Tango Shoes and Clothes

tango-shoes-ladies-1Proper shoes are an essential component of learning and dancing Argentine Tango. It is important to choose the right shoes for practice, dancing lessons, and for milongas. For milongas FOLLOWERS are best served  by getting shoes specifically designed for tango; not the ballroom, or other dances. Below is an example considered ‘creme-de-la-creme’ of shoes for Argentine Tango – Comme Il Faut. They are beautiful, surprisingly comfortable for their thin high heel, and (not so surprisingly) expensive :). There are other brands of Tango shoes which are more affordable, well built, and comfortable as well. Look them up online.

Come Il Faut Tango Shoes - Made in Buenos Aires

Comme Il Faut Tango Shoes, made in Buenos Aires

What kind of shoes should I get for Tango lessons?

The shoes for lessons have to be practical with a short and well-built heel. They have to give enough mobility yet be a close fit so they would embrace your foot tightly. A leather sole if preferable for it allows pivots and gives one a good balance and stepping ability. Avoid open toes shoes and sandals. For FOLLOWERS I recommend getting special shoes for practice and classes. Here are the images of just a few styles of practice shoes from appledanceshoes.com. They proved to work well for a number of our students.

Ladies shoes for practice and classes

Ladies shoes for practice and classes

For LEADERS it is best to get shoes or loafers with leather soles. While there is a variety of practice sneakers on the market, I suggest to skip them in favor of either regular dress shoes or loafers, as long as they are rather soft and fitting.

Where can I get my Tango shoes?

You can always ask me for advice and options. In short, for practice shoes – see above, for non-practice shoes you can search the Internet or wait till there is a Tango festival in town or another big Tango event. Several vendors frequent Tango festivals, and it is good to know the schedule for such events, following the announcements. Vendors offer a wide variety of shoes for both practice and active dancing.

What should I wear for my tango lessons and practicas?

For classes and practice most dancers dress informally. It is acceptable to wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, regular or dress slacks, skirts or dresses. Avoid long dresses that limit your body movements and shorts. It is best to use clothes that are made out of natural fabric: cotton, linen, or some combination that allows your body “to breathe”.  Synthetic materials also prevent good connection with your partner. It is advisable to avoid dresses or shirts with large buttons, as well as pins and necklaces. They can easily bruise your partner.

What should I wear at the milongas?

For milongas (Argentine Tango dance parties) most people choose to dress a little fancier and some even “dress to impress.” For women, we recommend skirts or dresses that float freely, or dressier slacks. For men, we suggest slacks, dressier shirts, a tie or a jacket are an option, although it is not required.

Your shoes should be selected appropriately. Some followers bring 2 pairs of shoes to a dance which helps if their feet get tired or sore.

Both men and women should refrain from wearing strong scents (perfume, cologne, or aftershave), or lipstick and makeup that can leave marks on clothing.

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