Classes on Vals and Milonga in Atlanta

While most people seem to think there is only one dance – Argentine Tango, Tango, in fact, is a family of related dances. It consists of  3 dances: Argentine Tango, Tango Vals (Waltz), and Tango Milonga. They reflect different, yet related genres of music and differ by feel, style of movement, and timing:

  • Timing for Tango is 4/4 (early Tangos had 2/4 timing)
  • Timing for Tango Vals – 3/4
  • Timing for Milonga is 2/4

Traditionally students start with the most common of them – Tango. The reason is that most elements (steps) of Tango can be used in Vals and Milonga. While in the beginning it is perfectly fine to dance Vals and Milonga the way we dance Tango, at some point we do want to start learning about the differences between these dances.

This is why at Tango Bohemia we conduct mini-series dedicated to Milonga and Vals in our Intermediate Classes. These series are 3 to 4 classes long and address all the differences mentioned above. Students get exposed to the music of Vals and Milonga, learn to move with the right feel for these dances – more fluid and turning in Vals and rhythmic and dynamic in Milonga, which also has a more grounded step.

Occasionally we conduct special workshops on Vals and Milonga (in addition to Tango). Workshops are a good way to add depth to your dance skills, as they are focused on a certain topic and generally last 90 minutes. Check with the website often or call or email me for information.

Here is a good example of Vals danced by a well known Argentine couple Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa. The song is “Lagrimitas De Mi Corazon” by A. Troilo Tango:

And here is a nice demo of a Milonga by Javier Rodrigues & Geraldine Rojas. The song is “Flor de Montserrat” by Rodolfo Biagi:

I cannot promise you will be dancing that way right away, but with patience, persistence, and commitment to our classes we will be enjoying our Valses, Milongas, and Tango with our partners. And this is why we learn to dance: to enjoy the music, to enjoy moving with a partner on a dance floor, to enjoy the moment…

For suggestions and tip on what Tango shoes and clothing to wear for classes and milongas – click on this link.