Intermediate Tango Classes in Atlanta

Currently the Beginner Course is on break. Join our email list for updates (see left sidebar). We are available for private dance lessons and functions/demos.

– you have to complete at least one Level 1 (beginner) course by Tango Bohemia, or equivalent by another school
– you must have a partner (contact us if you need one, we might be able to pair you up with someone)
– drop-ins are welcome with a partner (must have at least beginner level Tango skills)

More details below:

  • Level 2 Course is $100 per person (incl. admission to Level 1 classes)
  • Drop-in rate is $15 per person (Level 2 class or the whole evening)
  • A partner is required for gender balance
  • “Structured” means the curriculum is set for the duration of the course
  • The curriculum will change from course to course to incorporate new steps/elements and different dances – Vals and Milonga
  • Shoes: non-sticky, well-fitting, small heel for ladies
  • Dress: casual and comfortable
  • Click on Tango Atlanta for general info

Location: Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA)
4484 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30319
(to get there visit |Directions to OUMA| page under Tango Lessons menu)

Tango Bohemia Class in Atlanta with Ilya

About Our Intermediate Tango Classes

Level 2 (intermediate) Tango classes with Tango Bohemia continue to build on the fundamentals acquired during the Beginner Course. Whether we call it an Intermediate, a Beginner-Intermediate, or Intermediate-Advanced class in not important. The important thing is that the teaching approach and structure of classes allow different levels of students to find what they need to further their dance skills.

The cost of our 8-week Level 2 Tango course is $100 per person (includes our Level 1 class attendance). Walk-ins are welcome (at $15 per person), provided you have a general Beginner level Tango knowledge and bring a partner.

Please note that the cost of your Level 2 class includes the Beginner class as well. All intermediate students are encouraged to attend Beginner Classes. This is your best option to practice the very fundamental things about Argentine Tango – the walk, the musical timing, the connection between a leader and a follower. Attending Beginner Classes will help improve your dance regardless of your level or how many years you dance Tango. The only way to maintain and enhance your level as a dancer is coming to classes on regular basis. All good dancers know it and practice their skills continuously. Any time you feel you are ready for an individual attention – ask me about Private dance lessons, or just go to |Private Lessons| page.