Wedding Songs First Dance

Over the years of teaching Wedding Dance Lessons Atlanta I have come across a number of various songs my students chose for their First Dance. Here I’d like to share some of them with you with my commentaries.

As a general comment, I consider the “ideal” length of a Wedding Dance song to be anywhere between 2’30 and 3’30. Anything shorter might work well if a couple decided to either skip dance lessons or take one or two hours of instruction. Anything longer than 4 minutes might seem a bit too much for the guests (read: borderline boring), unless the couple is close to a professional level.

Another thing I found is that a number of songs required some sort of editing to bring it to a comfortable tempo (beats per minute) in addition to the right length. On occasion I have to edit out certain parts of a song if they are not suitable for dancing. Since I believe the “dance-ability” of a song to be an important part of an overall bride and groom experience, I include this service in the First Dance Lessons package.

Below you’ll see some of the choices my dance students made (times shown may reflect editing):

  • ‘The Only One For Me’, by Brian McKnight, 3’10
  • ‘I’ll Stand By You‘, by Carrie Underwood, 3’52
  • ‘The Power Of Love’, by Celine Dion, 3’38
  • ‘Magic’, by Colbie Caillat, 3’15
  • ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, by Frank Sinatra, 2’20
  • ‘Falling’, by Gaelle, 3’29
  • ‘Always And Forever’, by Heatwave, 3’17
  • ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, by Hysterics, 3’44
  • ‘You Are All I Need To Get By’, Marvin Gaye, 2’22
  • ‘The Lady In My Life‘, by Michael Jackson, 3’48

As you can see, song choices are rather diverse and reflect either a special moment in time for the bride and groom, or simply their personal preferences.

Sometimes wedding couples are having a hard time deciding which song to choose if they do not have a special one that hold a sentimental value for them. Hope this information will help you decide on the First Dance song.

If you are  in the Metro Atlanta area, I’ll be happy to help with Wedding Dance Lessons. Call me at 404-754-8272, send a note from Contact page in the menu, or just email at ilya [at] tangobohemia [dot] com.