What Chilli Wants? A Tango Lesson

Chilli, TLC singer, and her friends took a Tango Lesson in Atlanta with Tango Bohemia.
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When Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas wanted to get an Argentine Tango lesson for her VH1 reality show “What Chilli Wants”, Season 2, I was happy to oblige. Since it was also for her date,  Lasse Larsen and her friend, relationship expert Tionna Smalls with fiancé Gaspar, I asked my Tango student Rosa Steen to help. She kindly agreed to spend an evening  in November 2010 at The Georgian Terrace Hotel with Chilli of TLC fame, her date, and her friends.

What Chilli Wants, Season 2, VH1 – Argentine Tango Lesson

What Chilli Wants - Tango Dance Warm Up with RosaWhile waiting for Chilli, Rosa and I had a few minutes to warm up. As any serious Tango dancer knows, whenever there is a dance floor, Tango music, and dance shoes, there is only one thing left to do – dance. The VH1 filming crew was not “asleep at the switch” and captured it.

Chilli with Lasse and Tionna with Gaspar walked in just when the song was about to end and managed to take a peek as well. They seemed interested, which was an encouraging sign before their very first Argentine Tango lesson.

When the lesson started Rosa and I were happy to see everyone smiling and enjoying a good time while learning the ropes of a new dance. Even Chilli, an accomplished dancer and singer, did not mind starting with the fundamentals and practicing her Tango walk (while Rosa was taking a short video).

What Chilli Wants - Tango Is a Fun Dance

What Chilli Wants – Tango Is a Fun Dance

What Chilli Wants - Tango Walk by Chilli

What Chilli Wants – Tango Walk by Chilli

All in all, the Tango lesson for Chilli and her friends in a VH1 reality show ‘What Chilli Wants’ was great fun. Rosa and I enjoyed meeting Rozonda Thomas, Lasse Larsen, Tionna Smalls, and Gaspar and introducing Argentine Tango dance to them. You can easily find a video online of their first Tango experience in Episode 7 of Season 2. I have a lot more images and a few short “unofficial” videos of “behind the scenes” footage taken by Rosa. Will post them on a blog later.

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P.S. Just to make sure it was not all the talk and no action – we did learn to Tango during the lesson :)

What Chilli Wants - Chilli Lasse Tionna Cas Tango Lesson

What Chilli Wants – Chilli Lasse Tionna Gaspar – Tango Lesson in Atlanta

What Chilli Wants - Ilya Rosa Chilli Lasse Tango Lesson

What Chilli Wants – Ilya and Rosa Teaching Tango Chilli and Lasse

P.P.S. In case there is someone who is not sure about Chilli and the TLC group: Chilli was born in 1971 in Atlanta, GA as Rozonda Thomas. She joined TLC, the 3-girl R&B/Hip-Hop group in 1991, replacing Crystal Jones and changing her name to Chilli so the group could stay as TLC. The group became extremely successful and sold over 50 million records overall. It is considered to be the second best-selling group worldwide and the first one in the United States.

Other members of the group were “T-Boz” (Tionne Watkins) and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, whose tragic death in 2002 marked the end of TLC. Since then Chilli started her solo career in the music as well as acting world. In 2010 she starred in a Season 1 of her VH1 reality series “What Chilli Wants”, where with the help of a relationship expert Tionna Smalls she went on a quest to find the love of her life. Season 2 of the show featured Chilli taking a Tango lesson in Episode 7 with Tango Bohemia School of Argentine Tango in Atlanta.

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