Private Dance Lessons in Atlanta

Private dance lessons in Atlanta is the most effective way for students to learn or improve a dance – be it Argentine Tango or any other dance.

Do not let the name of this website mislead you into thinking you can learn Only Tango here. The most popular request I get is from folks who want to learn How To Dance. And together we happily make their wish come true. Many couples as well as singles acquired their life-long dance skills on the floor of my cozy private studio in East Cobb.

Unique approach to teaching, affordable pricing, comfortable environment, nice and quiet location – all contribute to students’ enjoyment of taking lessons here.

The greatest reward for taking private dance lessons comes in a form of an ease, confidence, and newly found enjoyment while dancing socially. You won’t forget the moment a dance partner commented on your improved skill…

The following Private (and Semi-Private) Lessons options are available:

For a comprehensive approach to Argentine Tango as well as ‘How-To-Dance’ there isĀ  a 6-hour block of time to be used at your convenience (1.5 hrs sessions get better results than 1 hour lessons).

NEW: Semi-Private Tango dance lessons in Atlanta (East Cobb studio location) are now available! Save $$ by having 2 couples take lessons at the same time. See pricing below.

  • 6 hours /4 sessions (1.5 hrs each) of Private Lessons: $350
  • 6 hours /4 sessions (1.5 hrs each) of Semi-Private Lessons : $495 (for 2 couples) (see above)

If you are interested to get “an introduction to Tango”, you can take a 90 min session (time flies when you are dancing):

90 min (Argentine Tango Intro) – $100

1 hour privates (after taking a 6hr package) – $60

Here is the studio space in East Cobb where we conduct private dance lessons:


Private Dance Studio

One-on-one instruction allows students to progress at their own pace, breezing through some topics that you pickup fast, and taking extra time on anything that requires more individual attention.

Private lessons offer an opportunity to learn from a trained professional with personalized approach without distractions.

Even a few hours of a private instruction with a dedicated teacher, who concentrates solely on your tango style will help your learning process tremendously. You could avoid a lot of frustration and mistakes in your dance. As we know, it takes about 3 times longer to undo old habits and instill new ones than doing it the right way from the start.

  • For those who are new to tango, private lessons are a perfect way to get comfortable with the fundamentals of tango before joining a group class or begin dancing socially.
  • For those who are currently taking group classes, private lessons are an excellent way to work on specific problem areas.
  • And for the intermediate/advanced dancers, private lessons are a good way to further refine their tango skills and learn new styles.

P. S. I use Argentine Tango foundation to teach Wedding Dance Lessons in Atlanta as well. It usually takes only around 6 hours of private instruction to create a nice, easy, and elegant First Dance without an undue stress of choreography memorization.

(written by Ilya Bohemia)