Tango in Atlanta: Fun Dance Lessons and More

I would call Argentine Tango “The Mother of All Dances”. Why? There are many reasons: great variety of music, interesting history and etiquette, healthy addictive nature, never-ending challenge yet can begin to dance after just a few weeks of classes – these are just a few of them. Join our Beginner Course and discover the rest by yourself.

Currently our Beginner Course (group class) is on break.
We got New offer for you – teaching you How To Dance.
We teach private dance lessons and are available for functions.
Semi-Private dance lessons are also available (see above link).
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This website has all you need to start your exploration of Tango in Atlanta, with the most important part on your right side – a short form to fill out and reserve your place in the class ->>

Tango Atlanta in aouma-flont-view Unique Space
Oglethorpe University Museum of Art.

“Tango at OUMA” welcomes you at:
4484 Peachtree Road, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30319

(visit |Directions to OUMA| page)

As you continue to explore this website you’ll realize that joining our Tango Atlanta Classes will bring you a fun and unique experience. Learning How to Dance will be just the beginning of it. You will realize rather quickly that our Tango lessons are about creating a community of interesting people, a tribe one might say. Joining this tribe is like entering through a hidden door into a fascinating new world filled with music, movement, outings, parties, events, and new friends. And it all starts with a single click…to your right :)

VH1: Chilli (TLC fame) takes a Tango lesson with Tango Bohemia

Even when you are going through the Beginner Course, you are welcome to stay for the Intermediate class. If you have a partner, you can practice the first class material or challenge yourself a bit by repeating more advanced stuff. If you came in without a partner, you can ask someone from your class to partner up with you for the practice. By taking advantage of our 2 classes/1 price policy you can enjoy over 2.5 hours dancing, music, and company for the price of a couple of drinks. BTW, drinking on Mondays is not good for you :)

After the first 8 weeks, while continuing with Argentine Tango, you are encouraged to come to beginner classes as well (most of our Intermediate students do), for a warm up, help Beginner students, and working on your Tango technique.

Level 1 (Beginner Tango) Course:

  • 8-week course, repeats every 2 months
  • Partner is not required, yet encouraged :)
  • Late registration is possible, contact us first
  • $80 per person regular, $65 pp for f/t students with ID
  • Drop-ins are $15 per person

Tango Bohemia Group Class

You start with Beginner classes. They are arranged in an 8-week / 8-class course, which takes you from the “ground zero” in a dance to a level that allows you to start dancing at parties. Argentine Tango dance parties are called milongas. We have quite a few milongas in metro Atlanta – on average 2 to 3 a week. It gives you plenty of time to practice newly acquired skills, meet and make new friends.

Level 2 (Intermediate Tango) Course:

  • New format: an 8-week structured Level 2 course
  • This is a gender-balanced class: partner required
  • $100 pp for the course (8 weeks) or $15 per person as a drop-in
  • Drop-ins are with a partner only
  • Includes Level 1 (beginner) class attendance

Life after your first Beginner Course

Learning Argentine Tango in Atlanta

A Beginner Course is only a start of what can become your new passion!
Just because it consists of 8 weeks it does not mean your Tango journey is ending then :)

You should join our Intermediate Tango Classes and and make Every Monday your Evening of Tango. These classes continue to add to your Argentine Tango experience by focusing on technique as it’s applied to new dance elements as well as to the ones we know from the Beginner Course. In intermediate classes we’ll be learning Tango Vals (Waltz) and Milonga (as a dance) in addition to Tango.

There are few activities that are more fun than taking dance lessons: where else can you exercise, enjoy the music, and the company of fellow dancers while learning a skill that lasts a lifetime? It can be very therapeutic on a physical as well as an emotional level. It is an opportunity to provide a good balance to our hectic schedules with infamous Atlanta commutes, whether you are single, have a partner, or are married…

Active and consistent attendance only empowers your dancing style. After completion all students are also encouraged to attend future Beginner Tango classes in Atlanta by Tango Bohemia to continue perfecting their dancing technique.

(written by Ilya Bohemia)

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