Beginner Tango Classes in Atlanta, GA

When signing up for Tango Lessons, people often tell me on the phone or write in the email, ‘I’ve never danced, will I do OK?’ I say, ‘Yes, beginner classes are designed for folks like you. If you can walk, you can dance.

Tango Classes Venue - OUMA, front viewIn fact, Tango students without prior dance experience could learn faster than someone who danced before. It all depends on whether there are any “old habits” that need to be changed :)

Did you know?
Chilli from TLC had a Tango lesson with Ilya on VH1, “What Chilli Wants”

Currently we are taking a break from group classes. Please visit our Private Dance Lessons in Atlanta page and choose the best option for you. Chances are it could be a 6h/5 session block of time – to take advantage of the low rate, or, for even lower rate you could pick a Semi-Private option (just invite your friends).

Comments from our students (private lesson):
Ilya, Thanks so much for your introduction to Argentine Tango. It was fun to learn about the origins of the dance and music. You did a fantastic job helping us, who started from no prior experience, to learn and perform many new steps during our lesson. The time flew by. I would recommend this class to beginners everywhere.
~ Anna and Michael

We may resume group classes at some point. Join our email list to stay current with news and announcements (in the left sidebar).

Class location and details:

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA)
4484 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30319
(to get there visit Directions to OUMA page)

  • Mondays, 7-8:15p, includes 15 min practice
  • 8-week course (see form on the right for start dates)
  • Classes pricing information
  • Dance partner is not required, yet encouraged :)
  • We rotate partners in a class, unless requested otherwise
  • You can join the course after it started – contact us first!
  • Shoes : non-sticky, well-fitting, small heel for ladies
  • Dress casual and comfortable…

Ilya showing a new element with a student

Beginner Tango Course

Beginner Course by Tango Bohemia consists of 8 Argentine Tango classes. The goal is to teach students base Tango elements and introduce them to a core technique. The course enables everyone to start dancing Tango at parties (milongas). Classes are 75 min (including 15 min of practice time (Practica). We strive to create a sense of community among Tango dancers, make classes fun, present different styles of music. We want you to become comfortable with this wonderful dance which can be a lifelong activity, hobby, and passion.

The course includes 8 classes and 1 Milonga OUMA (13 to 23 hours of dance), and is $90 pp regular or $70 for students with ID.  You can use cash or check in class or cc/paypal if paying online. Missed classes can be made up only during the Next Course.*

Beginner Tango Class in Atlanta with Ilya


Argentine Tango is a dance for all ages, professions, persuasions, singles or couples.
We recommend bringing a partner, although it is not a requirement. We rotate partners throughout the class, simulating a dance party environment. It improves your leading and following skills and helps with your learning process. If you decide to stay with the same partner you are welcome to do it by notifying me.

We encourage you to arrive 10 -15 minutes early for your first session to register. It is also a good habit to come in a bit earlier for all classes if you can – so you can meet and make friends with other students before the class starts.

Make an effort to attend group classes regularly. Good dancers become who they are because they regard their attendance as a wonderful commitment to themselves and pursue their goal with consistency.

The Argentine Tango is an improvisational traveling dance. We teach students how to connect with a partner, how to follow the music, and how to lead and follow your partner. A class often starts with walking exercises; and you can practice this essential element in your spare time pretty much everywhere: at home, in the mall, or in the parking lot. All good tango dancers work on their walk. Other elements such as Ochos, La Cruzada (the cross), turns will come naturally after you master your tango walk. You will learn how to make turns, how to pause, how to navigate a crowded dance floor, how to identify and interpret various types of tango music, and finally how to create your own unique dancing style.

Dress is casual. Shoes with leather or leather-like soles and low heels for ladies are preferred. Gents – heels can have rubber, ladies – no heels will work as well. Your toes should be safe, no sandals please, sneakers are discouraged as well.

* Sometimes late registration is possible; please contact me for information on Tango Atlanta.

Life after your first Beginner Tango Course

Just because our Beginner Course consists of 8 weeks it does not mean that your Tango journey is over :) In fact, it is only the beginning of what might become your new lifelong adventure!

You would want to join our Intermediate Tango Classes in Atlanta on same night and stay for the whole Evening of Tango. These classes continue to build your Argentine Tango experience by focusing on technique as it’s applied to new dance elements we learn as well as to the ones we know from the Beginner Course. We’ll be learning not only Tango, but also Tango Vals (Waltz) and Milonga (as a dance).

Active and consistent attendance only empowers your dancing style. After completion all students are also welcome to attend multiple series of our Beginner classes to continue perfecting their dancing technique.

Our Beginner Classes are beneficial for Intermediate Level dancers as well. Here you can focus on the Tango fundamentals without being distracted by thinking about steps and sequences. During the first hour Intermediate students work on their technique and musicality, while helping absolute beginners to get up to speed faster.

(written by Ilya Bohemia)