Milonga OUMA: Osvaldo Barrios Playing

by Tango

I know I do not need to tell those of you who have heard Osvaldo Barrios playing his bandoneon how good he is. But I will, just one more time. He played two sets of tandas at Milonga OUMA (Oglethorpe University Museum of Art) at the opening night on October 18, 2009. He played Tangos, Valses, and Milongas. Some folks were dancing all the time, some were sitting and enjoying the music. I can understand both – at times I like to dance when he is playing, at times I want to just sit and listen. It is fascinating how with just one instrument he can create the feel of the whole orchestra… We, Tango dancers in Atlanta, are very fortunate to have Osvaldo reside in the Metro Area!

Here are photos and videos Katya and Jessie took last Sunday night. The fact they do not look too professional only adds to the feel of Argentine Tango being a natural and improvisational dance.

Tango at the Museum of Art

Osvaldo Barrios Playing at Milonga OUMA:

Did you find yourself? Enjoy the memories! Hope to see you next month (Sunday, November 15).

Ilya / Tango Bohemia

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