Got Two Left Feet?

by Tango

2 left feet

It is rather common for me to hear from new couples who start taking Wedding Dance lessons in Atlanta: “I got 2 left feet“. At that point they haven’t yet seen my business card that says: “Two Left Feet is Our Specialty” :)

This is not an exaggeration – I love, Love students who claim to have this ‘peculiar condition’. My response is always: “Great! You are one of my most favorite dance students already.” And then I ask them why do they think I say that (it is good to have interactive sessions, keeps everybody engaged). Most of the time they think for a bit and venture: “Is it because there are no bad habits to unlearn?” Precisely, I confirm.

I have been involved in teaching / training / coaching / mentoring/ you-name-it for many years. I covered various topics – technical, business, dance. And every time when someone believed they knew that subject, it took at least three times as long to achieve the desired result of training.

First we had to undo the old knowledge (habits), then set the stage for the new information, only then it was possible to transfer the necessary information. No wonder there is an expression about ‘knowing just enough to be dangerous’.

This is how it should be done for best results

2 left feet correctedWhen we start with the clean slate, the whole training is not only faster, but much more enjoyable as well. I suggest to folks to forget they are already adults and often are experts in their field. Rather, I propose to them to imagine going back to the first grade (i.e. approaching the new subject with an open mind and with no sense that someone – the instructor – is “infringing” on their credentials). Works wonders! Just check out what they say after taking their dance package.


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